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Angela's Story

When I first saw the Glasshouse Mountains from the Highway at sunset I knew I wanted to get closer to climb them. I went back the next weekend and went to the Glasshouse Mountains lookout to see them better and then found out as much as I could about all the mountains and history. I found an interest in the outdoors I never knew I had!

Then I started with a walk up Ngungun and a few of the smaller ones. But then I found I was so scared I couldn’t even get up the top of Tibberwoocum without having a panic attack on the short scramble.

But my spinal injury, my massive fear of heights or my lack of fitness wasn’t going to stop me seeing the views from the top and I wanted to climb them all.

I first attempted Tibo and had another panic attack on Chicken Rock but for my next attempt I met some wonderful people from Social Climbers.

Again, they couldn’t get me up either Beerwah or Tibro, I was their first failure!

It took 7 different visits and many attempts to get to the top of Tibro and 9 visits to get to the top of Beerwah.

Since then I’ve found a strength I never knew I had both mentally and physically. The fears I felt on those hills were rewarded with amazing views, visits to many caves, being able to see bats and native animals up close at night, hours spent laying under the stars and picturesque sunrises and sunsets. They kept bringing me back week after week and making me stronger every visit.

I’ve also met so many patient, passionate, encouraging and positive friends there which will be with me for a lifetime. Most of them who I’d have never crossed paths with if it wasn’t for my new hobby! I’d finally found a great community where everyone was encouraged to keep going and it was a place that felt like home.

Since that first attempt at Chicken Rock thought I’ve learnt a lot. I’m stronger. I’m braver. And my whole life has turned around. They are my favourite therapist, my biggest challenge and the place I know I can go to and feel like I belong. And I’ve since climbed all of the Glasshouse mountains as well as abseiled and climbed East Tibro. The things great friends make you do!

I went in search of something that first day and I found my inspiration and my greatest teacher.